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David Peck
Senior Research Fellow, Critical Materials and Circular Design
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Strengthening Pre-incubation assessment methods (SPICAM)

Entrepreneurship support services (ESS) are aimed at strengthening the capabilities of KIC partners so that they can provide superior ESS to their local customers. SPICAM aims at reinforcing the ESS offering for the customer group of “Business ideas in Pre-incubation stage” and will be developed by combining:

•    Cross-fertilization of existing good practices at Technology Transfer Offices
•    Developing one new ESS offering, tailor-made for the Raw Materials sector

The project results is expected to contribute to the number of ideas accepted and the number of start-ups created.

Project start: 2016

Project duration (months): 12 months

Partners:  Luleå University of Technology (LTU Business AB), Uppsala University, University of Liege, TU Delft, University of Limerick, TrentoRise, Boliden, Aughinish Alumina Ltd., RISE (SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden)



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