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David Peck
Senior Research Fellow, Critical Materials and Circular Design
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Strengthening Incubation Methods and Processes (SIMP)

SIMP aims at reinforcing the Entrepreneurship support services (ESS) offering for the customer group of “Start-up stage” towards Raw material sector”. The ESS offering will be developed by combining:

•    Cross-fertilization of existing good practices at Incubators or similar actors providers.
•    Developing one new ESS offering, tailor-made for the Raw Materials sector

The project results are expected to contribute to:

•    4 start-ups towards Raw Materials sector created KPI 2016 Incubator services
•    4 start-ups towards Raw Materials sector in progress
•    Several Raw Materials Ideas identify and verified  for next progress step  (start-ups)

Project start: 2016

Project duration: 12 months

Partners: LTU/ Arctic Business Incubator AB (SE), UIC (SE), Chalmers (SE), TU Delft (NL), Nexus Innovation Centre (IE), TrentoRise (IT), Atlas Copco (SE), Aughinish Alumina (IE), RISE/ SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden (SE), GEUS (DK)



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