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David Peck
Senior Research Fellow, Critical Materials and Circular Design
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Fostering Entrepreneurship in Raw Materials

Using Serious Game Concept (FOSTER-ERM)

Existing scenario based serious game fostering sustainable thinking already focus on threats and do not make the link to entrepreneurship. FOSTER-ERM intends to bridge this gap and show both threats and opportunities in the Raw Materials value chain. Existing game concepts by the partners will be upgraded in a co-creational way to meet didactic goals linked to entrepreneurship and material technology. The upgraded games are intended for use in Domestic Recreation, High Schools, Entrepreneurial Support Organisations and Post Graduate Programs at Universities. Several versions can be made according for the individual groups.

The four phases of the project:

1.    Defining didactic requirements related to the defined goal
2.    Co creation and  deepening of game concepts meeting didactic requirements
3.    Ensuring acceptance by target audience by defining realistic scenarios
4.    Translating concepts into existing Board Game of Software games

Project start: 2016

Project duration: 1 year

Partners: Vlaamse instelling voor Technologisch Onderzoek nv,VITO, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), VTT, Institut Wuppertal, CEA, In the loop




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